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ScanLog 1D log measuring solution

The ScanLog 2D log measuring systems is based on a log shadow image generated by the line-scan camera technology. The measurement frequency is 500-1,000 measurements per second at an accuracy of 0.1 millimeter. The measurement range is 650 millimeters.
The ScanLog 1D measuring system is applicable for log rotation control and other corresponding targets where the 2D or 3D features are not required.
Office electronics is no match for this line of work
The system electronics was designed for industrial conditions and the equipment processing power was dimensioned for machine vision applications that require massive computing power. This ensures the equipment reliability and the measurement accuracy, which cannot be achieved by computers that are designed for office purposes. 
The user interface complies with the specific needs of wood processing, providing a clear view of the production in progress. The user sees the measurement results of all logs in a clear graphic form. 


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