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ScanLog 1X X-ray log measuring solution

ScanLog 1X  X-ray measuring solution is used in automated acceptance test and grade class sorting in log handling.  ScanLog 1X meter detects among other things heartwood thickness, distance between knot groups, thickness of annual rings and some of grade factors of knots. Decay and strange obstacles such as metal parts and stones can be also found in the logs.

Normally ScanLog 1X meter is used together with ScanLog 3D meter to measure the exact shape, because the measurement response time of ScanLog 1X meter depends very much on the dimensions of the log under measurement.

ScanLog 1X meter makes from one direction 800 measurements per second in the range of up to 650 mm.  The measurement resolution is 0,8 mm. Usually one-directional X-ray meter gives sufficiently reliable and accurate picture on log grade class factors, but if needed it is possible to extend the X-ray measuring solution with another measurement direction.

ScanLog 1X meter is to be installed on the feeder conveyer after ScanLog 3D. All the electronics and power supply of ScanLog 1X meter are included in the same enclosure, which ensures quick installation and commissioning.

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