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CupCon control system for board turning

Very often the heart side, i.e. the convex side, of a board is desired to be the visible part of the end products, such as panels or pallets. Conventionally the board turning control has been based on the cup (concavity) measurement. However, the key issue of this method has been the drying deviation that has caused significant unreliability: every fifth board has been turned to the wrong position.
Turning is no more what it used to be
The CupCon board turning control system and its leading edge camera technology is the solution to this problem. Instead of measuring cup the system reveals the pattern of annual rings at the crosscut of the board identifying its heart side. Simultaneously CupCon also measures the potential wane and turns the board to the right position. 
CupCon system is typically located just before the planing or nailing phases.
Unique reliability – unique results
The reliability of the CupCon measurement of the sawn surface is almost 100%. This means that the turning process is not anymore what it used to be. CupCon guarantees impeccable quality of the products without manual inspection. It also guarantees better productivity and profits. 


Annual rings reveal the heart side.

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