Timber remanufacturing

Automation for timber remanufacturing

Automation for timber remanufacturing

In timber remanufacturing the splits that may have been arisen during the drying are detected and removed. Based on the grain pattern the board will be turned into the right position before planing.  After planing the dimensions of the objects are checked and the success of planing is tracked, cutting is optimized and the grade sorting is finalized. Grade sorting can be done according to the customer’s own grading rules or alternatively, for example, according to Nordic grading rules, NLGA or JAS grading rules. 


In timber remanufacturing as well as in the whole saw mill all the control and supervision of machines and feeders can be implemented using SoftPLC-logic control software instead of using the traditional logic control. Then all the measuring and optimizing systems may be very easily integrated with the whole control system of the saw mill.

Inx-Service´s measuring and control solutions can be also integrated with the existing logic control system (e.g. Siemens, Omron or Mitsubishi) via Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol. Then the new system takes care of all the measurement-, calculation- and bin control functions whereas the existing logic control system supervises and controls feeders and conveyors as well as other related equipment.

Product solutions for timber remanufacturing