Inx-Service – on leading edge for lumber industry

Growing trees have a certain value…

…but as soon as they are fallen down, there start to be material and grade losses. When the amount of losses and root reasons have been studied more carefully, the results are surprising, in most cases not very positively.

Profit losses are also due the non-flexible production. Then it is not possible to react quickly enough on demand changes and not possible to produce the lumber grades that bring the highest profit. Traditional production planning causes bottlenecks, complicates production phases and energy and time are wasted.

If the saw mill could tackle these problems with concrete measures it would easily improve its revenue and profit with several million Euros.

With Inx-Service solutions it can.


Whole range from log handling to timber remanufacturing

Inx-Service’s offering covers the whole range of saw mill’s operations from log handling to planer mill and timber remanufacturing. The core of the offered product solutions consists of intelligent measuring equipment, advanced optimizing technique and modern information technology.

Inx-Service’s cornerstone is qualified and competent personnel that utilize extensive experience on lumber processing, measurement technology and production process optimization over many decades.

Our way of operation is closely linked with the identified needs of our customers. We listen to our customers and their needs to generate tailored automated measuring and optimizing solutions that improves efficiency and productivity of sawing and lumber processing at our customer’s saw mill.

Totally we have delivered hundreds of these kind of measuring and optimizing solutions. They contribute to the annual production of tens of millions cubic meters of high grade lumber products around the world.