Automation for the sawhouse

Inx-Service´s sawhouse solutions calculates the optimal sawing adjustments based on the measurement results from log and cant profiling measuring units.

The solution follows also the sawing outcome quality using lumber size meter and collects data on the condition of the sawing process for preventive maintenance purposes.

Edging and heartwood sawing are optimized based on the dimensions and as well on quality factors of the sawn goods. There is also available the dedicated measurement system that monitors the results of the edging.

All these system solutions improve significantly the total productivity of the saw mill and the Return-On-Investment-time is at longest just only a couple of months.

The control system of the sawhouse machines can be implemented instead of the traditional distributed logic control using modern SoftPLC-software control solution. Then all the measurement systems can be easily integrated with the whole control and operation system of the saw mill.

Inx-Service’ s measurement and control system can be connected to the existing control system (e.g. Siemens, Omron or Mitsubishi) of the saw mill via Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol. Then the new system takes care of all the measurement, reporting and saw setups while the existing logic control system supervises and controls saw machines, conveyors and other machinery equipment.