Each log is an individual that has to sit perfectly on its target.

When the log package is opened at the construction site, all machining steps must be done up to the last drawing. Deficiencies and errors always delay construction, and in the worst case, the work can be stopped completely. Even such a small mistake can cause quite a bit of harm to both the builder and the log manufacturer.

LogCon prevents unpleasant surprises

LogCon is the only automatic log meter on the market. Its intelligent camera and image processing technology ensure that no defective products reach customers from production.

The meter monitors each log individually and checks that it has been made according to the instructions and dimensions and that all the machining items, such as holes, grooves and latches, are in order. If the system detects a deficiency or error, it sends an alarm and troubleshooting to the machine tool, allowing the user to decide whether to scrap or repair the log. The notification also goes to the packer.

LogCon’s sieve does not leak, so the log manufacturer and the builder can be confident that the log package contains exactly what they need.

LogCon combines advanced optics and image processing technology

LogCon measures a log moving on a conveyor from two directions with a 5150 pixel line camera. The measurement uses special optics patented by Inx-Service, which eliminates the angle changes caused by the variation of the distance between the log and the camera. In this way, the camera’s perspective on the beam and thus also the measurement result are independent of the distance. The resolution of the image is 1 mm in the longitudinal direction and 0.4 mm in the transverse direction. The length of the log is measured with a pulse sensor.

The measuring device’s advanced image processing technology compares the image obtained from the log with its individual machining program and inevitably reveals any deviations.