-dimension measuring equipment

SizCon measuring the dimensions

SizCon solution measures the thickness, width, wedging, warping, wane position and cupping of the boards. It can be used for green and dry sorting, control of lath strips and for other sorter/size control tasks.

SizCon is based on linear-array digital camera, machine vision and advanced laser technologies. There are four measuring units each of which has a line-scan CCD-camera, laser and special optics that measure the board dimensions in real-time from six different points on both top and bottom board faces. This multi-zone measurement method enables accurate measurement results in all cases and – as an improvement to the traditional dimension meters – it observes also longitudinal thickness wedging and wane position and other defects that affect the board dimensions.

Thanks to the superior accuracy of the multi-zone measurement method the saw mill is able to produce board grades that differ just a millimetre in their dimensions. Measuring accurately eliminates also sorting errors and the reject bin stays empty. Reliability in measurements improves also quality assurance and it enables minimizing tolerances in planer products.

According to the dimension measurements the boards are sorted and transported into the bins. Finally all the measurement data is reported in numeric or graphic charts for further purposes.

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