SawBlade Manager


SawBlade Manager for tracking and analysing saw blade information

SawBlade Manager is a real-time Saw Blade Management system.

It records, reports and analyzes saw blade information. SawBlade Manager optimizes saw blade use, service practises and saw process output. It can be used at both circular and band saws. It tracks accurately the saw operational efficiency, down-times and maintenance actions. Availability and performance indicators describe the saw efficiency. Maintenance comprises of blade changes and replacements, sharpening, tensioning or other saw services.

Optimized use of saw blades all the time

SawBlade Manager enables a detailed analysis of each saw blade’s service life from the first installation to scrapping. It reports performance and durability of each saw blade used in an individual saw machine and saw position. Then the differences between saw suppliers, types and designs and effects of raw material and seasons on saw wear and tear can be reported. Now the most suitable saw blade type can be selected for each sawing. The operator is able to decide whether or not to use a saw blade that has a sawing history of running less than other saws in a setup, or a saw blade that loses teeth more often than the others.

Saw blade maintenance management enables the optimal use of service resources, which improves sawmill’s productivity and profitability.

SawBlade Manager is an easy-to-operate PC-software solution based on graphical user-friendly interface utilizing quick pull-down menus. The greatest add-on benefit may be achieved when SawBlade Manager is used together with SeeCon dimension measuring solution.